Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Halo, Dumu.

Maybe you'll never see this because I was never allow you to know my blog, hahaha. But, yeah, this chapter is coming from my deepest heart. And...maybe I'll tell you about this someday.

Dumu, there's one little thing that you should to know; I'm sooooo blessed to know you, to have you as a boyfriend, as a partner we used to be. You (surprisingly) are my best gift from Jesus I ever had in my life. I never thought I could fall in love with you until now. I never thought we had a beautiful 2 years of relationship.

Banyak alasan kenapa aku sangaaat, sangat sangat terberkati bisa mengenalmu dan bahkan (pernah) bisa menjadi pasanganmu. Kamu menerimaku apa adanya, baik dan burukku. You always supported me to change my bad behavior.